There are 3 major types of garage door openers available on the market today. We deal exclusively with LiftMaster for their product's reliability and durability. With the average life span of these openers being approximately 25 years, they are definitely worth the investment.


This summary illustrates the benefits of each opener type...
     · Chain drive openers are the most well-known and generally the most basic and inexpensive compared to their counterparts.
The main difference is the level of noise. Even though the noise is not that much more than the belt drive, it is still the noisiest opener. The benefit is that the door can be heard opening throughtout the house.
     · Belt drive openers are quiet and very durable and the belt is reinforced with steel cables, thus making it almost unbreakable.
     · Battery Back-up belt drive openers have a built in battery system that allows use of the door after the power goes out. The system also has a soft stop and soft start dc motor, and this allows the motor to slow down before fully closing or opening the door.
     · Direct drive openers are designed to operate the door via the torsion shaft, thus eliminating the need to physically push or pull the door, Due to the opener being installed onto the frame of the door, the noise and vibration to the ceiling of the above rooms is virtually eliminated. Digitally controlled force limits do not allow anyone to tamper with the safety mechanism. The unit also comes with a soleniod locking deadbolt, making it the safest and most secure opener on the market.


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